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Máy Sạc Ắc Quy Mastervolt ChargeMaster 12/25-3, Model 44010250, Đầu vào 230 V (180-265 V), 50/60 Hz, Đầu Ra: 25 A at 13.25 V

Máy Sạc Ắc Quy Mastervolt ChargeMaster 12/25-3, Model 44010250, Đầu vào 230 V (180-265 V), 50/60 Hz, Đầu Ra: 25 A at 13.25 V
Máy Sạc Ắc Quy Mastervolt ChargeMaster 12/25-3, Model 44010250, Đầu vào 230 V (180-265 V), 50/60 Hz, Đầu Ra: 25 A at 13.25 V
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Loại: Sạc Ắc Quy/ Battery Charge
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ChargeMaster 12 / 25-3
Tận dụng tối đa pin của bạn với dòng ChargeMaster, cắm và sạc ở mọi nơi trên thế giới. Mastervolt’s ChargeMaster đảm bảo sạc đầy pin và nhanh chóng cho dù bạn ở đâu. Nhờ quy trình sạc 3 bước + sáng tạo của Mastervolt, pin cũng hoạt động tốt hơn và tuổi thọ lâu hơn.

Tất cả các ChargeMaster đều có thể dễ dàng kết nối với mạng MasterBus chỉ với một cáp và một kết nối (ngoại trừ ChargeMaster 12/10, ChargeMaster 12 / 15-2 và ChargeMaster 24/6). Hơn thế nữa, bạn có tùy chọn giám sát, cấu hình và kiểm soát hệ thống của mình ở trung tâm, cục bộ hoặc từ xa.

Clear Display

A clearly lit display on the ChargeMaster provides all essential information: charge current, charge voltage, charge phase and battery content measurement and/or battery condition measurement as a percentage of available Ah capacity. The display also provides an indication of MasterBus communication. Three buttons adjacent to the read-out panel allow for easy operating of the entire system. 

The ChargeMaster is available in various models to guarantee you the ideal battery charger for any situation and demand.


  • For recreational and semi-professional use.
  • Suitable for any type of battery, including Lithium Ion batteries.
  • 3-Step+ charging technology for fast and complete charging, also charges depleted batteries.
  • Memory function prevents overcharging in case of unreliable mains.
  • Safe and complete charging due to standard safety features.
  • Charging capacity up to 1000 Ah battery banks.
  • Easy to connect and quick to install.
  • Can charge multiple battery banks simultaneously.
  • Built-in system functionality (MasterBus) in combination with other Mastervolt products.
  • Clear control panel (with the exception of the ChargeMaster 12/10, ChargeMaster 12/15-2 and ChargeMaster 24/6).
  • Supplies your system without battery.

Charging your batteries with every voltage

The Mastervolt ChargeMaster supplies a maximum capacity wherever you are via auto-ranging. Auto-ranging ensures perfect fully automatic operation anywhere in the world, regardless of the available mains voltage (90-265 V AC, 50 or 60 Hz). The 3-step+ charging technology guarantees fast and complete charging, while the cos phi 1-regulation gets the most out of limited generator capacity.

Robust Connections 

Solid metal-to-metal connectors equipped with strain relief prevent corrosion and overheating.

Charging multiple battery banks

The ChargeMaster series has three equal charge outputs. Those of the smaller ChargeMaster models are pre-installed with two metres of cable for a plug & play solution, while the heavier models have one full output (for example for your service battery) and two outputs of 10 A, ideal for your starter batteries.

DC Power Supply

Even if the batteries are not connected, Mastervolt ChargeMaster battery chargers can provide a constant DC output allowing you to turn on lights or keep the fridge cold.


General specifications
Nominal output voltage 12 V
Total charge current 25 A at 13.25 V
Number of battery outlets 3
Charge current second output 25 A
Charge current third output 25 A
Battery bank size 50-250 Ah
Nominal input voltage 120/230 V (90-265 V), 50/60 Hz
AC connection 2 mtr AC cable
Power supply mode yes
Galvanic isolation yes
Display/read-out LED display
Fastening 4x screw
Dimensions, hxwxd 234 x 132 x 60 mm
9.2 x 5.2 x 2.4 inch
Weight 1.8 kg
4.0 lb
Compliance CE, ABYC A-31, SAE J1171/ISO 8846 ignition protected, RRR, RMRS
Optional Quick Connect (OEM) version with WAGO 770-113 connector and 25 cm cable, product code 44010252
Technical specifications
Charge characteristic IUoUo, automatic 3-step+ for Gel/AGM/wet/Lithium Ion
Charge voltage Bulk 14.4 V
Charge voltage Absorption 14.25 V
Absorption time 4 hours
Charge voltage Float (wet batteries) 13.25 V
Charge voltage Float (Gel/AGM batteries) 13.8 V
Temperature compensation yes
DC voltage compensation automatic
Power consumption (DC side) < 2 mA
Full load consumption (230 V AC) 450 W
Current Control function no
Power factor control ≥ 0.98
Temperature range (ambient temp.) -25 °C to 60 °C, derating < 0 °C and > 40 °C
-13 °F to 140 °F
Cooling vario fan
Protection degree IP23
Protections over temperature, over load, short circuit, high/low battery voltage
MasterBus compatible yes
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