Motor Điện Gắn Ngoài Snake

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    (English) The Water snake T24S ASP Salt Water Transom Mount Trolling Motor features 24-pounds of thrust. Shaft length 24-Inch (610-millimeters). Designed specifically for kayaks, small dinghies or inflatable boats. Suitable in salt water. Features a high or low speed control, forward and reverse switch and stow-away tiller handle. Two-blade weed less design propeller, to deflect weeds. Anti-impact clip system in the mount. Lightweight and easy to carry. Water snake fresh or salt-water electric motors offer consumers more power and reliability for fewer dollars. Stringently tested and evaluated in the harshest environments and used by fishing guides around the world, Water snake trolling motors are constructed from high quality components. Since their release in 2006, Water snake has proven their reliability. Super quiet on the water, these electric motors come in a bow mount configuration.